Flowers For The Wedding

You’ve been waiting for this day as long as you can remember and now - at last - it’s nearly here. Your wedding day! You want everything to be just perfect - the dress, the cake … and of course, the flowers.

When you want perfect wedding flowers for the biggest day of your life, you need an expert. You need Bloom Florist.

Bloom Florist’s resident flower expert will work with you to choose the perfect colours, and the perfect flowers, to make your special day - well, perfect!

When it comes to wedding flowers, we do the lot:

  1. The bride’s bouquet
  2. Posies for the flower girls
  3. Bridesmaid flowers
  4. Corsages for the groom, best man, and their attendants
  5. Corsages for your mom and his
  6. Corsages for anyone else you’d like to give one to!
  7. Flowers for the Church or wedding venue
  8. Flowers for the reception hall

We’ll even give you dried flowers for the wedding invitations if you want them!

We have been arranging flowers for weddings for a long time, and we can help you make sure that your wedding goes off without a single hitch.

For perfect, stress-free wedding flowers that make your big day magical, contact Bloom Florist.

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