Flowers For The Bride

“Here comes the Bride … “

Every little girl has done it at least once. She’s picked the prettiest flowers she can find, tied them up with the longest ribbon she has, and walked down an imaginary aisle with that tune in her head.

And now it’s time to do it for real!

The bridal bouquet is almost as important as the wedding dress itself!

We get it.

That’s why we’ll make sure that you get the most perfect flower arrangement - or whatever arrangement you prefer - for your Big Day.

We’ll work with you (and your budget) to choose the right colours, the most gorgeous flowers (or feathers, or beads, or twirly-whirly sticks), and the ideal accessories to tie it all together.

It’s your wedding, after all. You’re princess for a day. A beautiful bridal bouquet is the ultimate finishing touch to make it all exquisite - just like you.

Contact us for a consultation. Let’s make your wedding day blooming amazing.

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